Study on oxidation kinetics of dissolved 2-methylisoborneol


Sustain. Environ. Res., 21(6), 395-400 (2011)



Shu-Chu Tung and Wu-Jeng Li


2-methylisoborneol, dissolved 2-MIB, ozonation, semi-batch reactor


Musty and earthy odor is present in the source water of Feng-Shen Waterworks (FSW) and Cheng-Chin Lake Waterworks in southern Taiwan year round. In this study, oxidation processes, particularly the three common oxidants, chlorine, potassium permanganate and ozone, have been demonstrated to reduce the musty odor in a semi-batch reactor. Ozone was applied into the reactor at a dosage of either 0.5 or 1 mg L-1 min-1. The reaction of 2-methylisoborneol (2-MIB) with ozone followed a first order reaction kinetics with high correlation coefficients (r > 0.95). The rate of ozone applied strongly influenced the destruction of 2-MIB. At the higher rate applied (1 mg L-1 min-1), the 2-MIB degradation rate in deionized water was 2.3 times higher than that for 0.5 mg L-1 min-1.

For both chlorine and permanganate, the tested samples used in the oxidation experiments were the source water of FSW with 2-MIB concentration about 100 ng L-1. The removal efficiency of 2-MIB was only about 8-12% with the addition of 10 mg L-1 of Cl2 and KMnO4 . Neither oxidant was able to oxidize 2-MIB effectively.

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