Factors affecting voluntary participation in food residue recycling: A case study in Da Nang, Viet Nam


Sustain. Environ. Res., 25(2), 93-101 (2015)



Takaaki Kato, Anh Quan Tran and Hai Hoang


Food residue, recycling, voluntary participation, microeconomic factors


This study investigated the factors affecting participation in food residue recycling in Da Nang City, Viet Nam. Since involvement of citizens in food residue recycling in developed countries usually requires government interventions such as sanctions for non-participants, this study is unique in that it seeks to identify factors influencing voluntary participation in this activity, as no government intervention exists regarding food residue recycling in Da Nang City. We considered microeconomic, psychological, and traditional factors. Some of the microeconomic factors consistently explained our results using a social survey of 142 randomly selected households. Psychological factors affected participation in some model specifications. None of the variables in the tradition category were found to be statistically significant.

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