(Retracted paper) Comparison of Azithromycin COD removal from wastewater by Fenton, Fenton like and Electro-Fenton processes

Please note that this paper was retracted in April, 2016.

Sustain. Environ. Res., 25(6), 331-337 (2015)



Ahmad Reza Yazdanbakhsh, Mahdieh Sardar, Sima Eliasi and Amir Sheikh Mohammadi


Azithromycin, Electro-Fenton, Fenton, Fenton like, wastewater


This work makes a comparison between Fenton (Fe2+/H2O2), Fenton like (Fe0/H2O2) and Electro-Fenton processes to investigate the removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) from synthetic wastewater. The effects of operational parameters such as initial pH, current density, amount of hydrogen peroxide, amounts of Fe0 and Fe2+, applied voltage and electrolysis time on COD removal efficiency were investigated. The optimum values were determined for the Electro-Fenton process: current density = 20 mA cm-2, hydrogen peroxide concentration = 2 mM, electrolysis time = 60 min, and pH 3.0. Desired pH in both Fenton and Fenton like processes was 7.0 and hydrogen peroxide concentrations for the Fenton and Fenton like processes were found to be 0.2 and 0.4 mM, respectively. In the optimum operating range for each of these operating variables, the Azithromycin COD removal efficiency was in order of Electro-Fenton > Fenton like > Fenton.

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