Development and Characterstics of Activated Carbons from Jatropha Husk, an Agro Industrial Solid Waste, by Chemical Activation Methods


J. Environ. Eng. Manage., 19(3), 173-178 (2009)



Kumar Ramakrishnan and Chinnaiya Namasivayam


Jatropha husk, chemical activation, activated carbons, characteristics


Jatropha curcus is a drought-resistant perennial species that grows well in marginal/poor soil. The bio-diesel obtained from its seeds is used as fuel for automobiles. Huge volumes of Jatropha husk is generated in the bio-diesel industries. The present study deals with the preparation of a variety of activated carbons from Jatropha husk, an agro industrial solid waste by chemical activation methods. The physico-chemical characteristics of activated Jatropha husk carbon (AJHC) and surface morphology are reported. Preliminary study shows that the low-cost AJHC is capable of removing organics and inorganics from water.

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